Our Doctors

Dr Marc Calaunan B.Sc., D.C.

@ Raffles Place Clinic

A Believer, Husband and Father. Visionary, Entrepreneur, Coach/Mentor, and Strategist. A Chiropractor who believes in bringing health back naturally and holistically.

Dr Simon Shen D.C.

@ Orchard Clinic

A gentle adjuster, caring person, & good listener great with elderly as well as kids.

Dr Seow Kim Seng D.C.

@ City Hall Clinic

Dedicated health care practitioner who is passionate in serving, treating, and caring for his patient's health.

Dr David Leung D.C.

@ Raffles Clinic

His goal is to bring patients back to their ideal health that they didn't know they can achieve by educating them on the importance of taking care of their spine/body.

Dr Anthony Musung D.C.

@ Clementi Clinic

Healthy lifestyle is a great start to optimum health & looks forward to treating patients with their ailments, helping them to function at their peak.

Dr Angelika Knopp D.C.

@ Orchard Clinic

Genuine holistic care for people to help them live with quality health and improve their lifestyle.

Dr Melanie Tjahaja D.C.

@ Raffles Clinic

A caring heart with Healing Hands, your health is one adjustment away.

Dr Sonia Youn D.C.

@ Clementi Clinic

Passionate chiropractor who inspires and aims for all ages to achieve their health goals through a holistic chiropractic care.