Our Teams

MARC CALAUNAN B.SC., D.C. @ City Hall/ Buona Vista/ Raffles

A Believer, Husband and Father. Visionary, Entrepreneur, Coach/Mentor, and Strategist. A Chiropractor who believes in bringing health back naturally and holistically. 

Chris Kim Chiropractor

CHRIS KIM @ Buona Vista

Helping you achieve better life and future, starting with your spine.



To inspire, educate and adjust patients and their families towards optimal health and improve their lifestyle through holistic chiropractic care.

SONIA YOUN @ Buona Vista Clinic

Passionate chiropractor who inspires and aims for all ages to achieve their health goals through a holistic chiropractic care.

Jack Ghiretti Chiropractor

Jack (Giacomo) Ghiretti @ Raffle Place

Passionate about chiropractic, with the vision of educating everyone about their health and wellness. Focused on optimizing the human body functions through chiropractic adjustments to allow their bodies to heal and for the patients to live life to the fullest!

Ho Jee Yi @ Ang Mo Kio

An out-going and compassionate person that believes that the best thing in life always come to those who take care of their health

Justine Kim

Justine Kim @ City Hall

Passionate and motivated, a chiropractor who helps patients toward achieving their health goals through holistic chiropractic care.