5 ways to find a good chiropractor

5 ways to find a good chiropractor

Chiropractors today in many parts of the world are an important part of a comprehensive and integrated healthcare system aimed at prevention. Because there are no drug interactions to worry about and very few, if any, side effects, Chiropractic is often offered as a treatment to most common neuro-musculoskeletal conditions with other pain management methods. So finding the best and right Chiropractor will help you on your road to health and recovery.

First, finding the right Chiropractor for your health needs don’t just happen. You must know what your needs and wants for whatever conditions you are inquiring about. Most importantly, know your health goals in order to find the right one! Here are 5 tips for you to consider in your search.

  • Provides effective pain relief
  • Provides customized treatment programs according to your condition
  • Prescribes specific diet and exercise advice
  • Allows a safe, honest and open communication
  • Advises you on your daily lifestyle to eliminate unhealthy habits
  • Provides a professional and patient-centric environment
  • Spends quality time treating & educating you


Tip #1: Know your health goals, your purpose before you start searching for a Chiropractor. Is it to merely get out of pain or to treat the root cause of the problem or even to enhance your sports performance?

Chiropractors today use many different techniques as their mode of treatment. Some choose their technique based on personal preference, some choices based on their experiences. Nevertheless, there are a myriad of conditions that the right Chiropractor can help, including:

  • Lower back pain
  • Whiplash/Falls
  • Sports injuries
  • Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS, sometimes called “runner’s knee”)
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Injuries from car accidents
  • Migraines and tension headaches
  • Weakness in the arms and legs
  • Stiffness and pain in all regions of the back
  • Pain in the neck
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Bursitis
  • Gastrointestinal syndromes
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Intervertebral disc syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders
  • Tendinitis
  • Knee pain

Tip #2: Integrity and confidence of the Chiropractor.

One of the first things to be aware of in a Chiropractic doctor is personal and professional integrity. A doctor with integrity has both trust and confidence in each and every one of his patients that confidence is a reflection of his/her pride in providing proper treatments and getting you the results you expect or agreed upon. The right Chiropractor will render only the best treatment for your health needs to get the quickest and best results. If Chiropractic is not the proper treatment for you, the right Chiropractor will have no problem referring you to another health care professional to manage or co-manage your case.

Tip #3: Word of mouth

This is absolutely a great place to start for anyone who has anxiety or doubts about finding the right Chiropractor or Chiropractic clinic. A Positive word of mouth regarding the health professional you are seeking is a very good sign and it eases anyone’s doubts or worry’s. If you are considering chiropractic for the first time or considering choosing a different chiropractor, listen to others in your network more than the just ads. I think we are all aware how easy it is to look good in a well thought out advertisement, but the right Chiropractor for you is more often found by listening to others around you that have experienced firsthand that right Chiropractor or Chiropractic Clinic.  You can start by finding those with positive reviews by real users!

Tip #4. Clinical competency and experience of the clinician.

For those seekers, I cannot emphasize this enough how extremely important this is. Doctors of Chiropractic have been through extensive training and education to become healthcare providers. This training includes proper examination, proper diagnosis, and proper treatment protocols. If a doctor lacks in any one of these three essential areas, he or she should not be treating you. Choose a Chiropractor or Chiropractic Clinic with the highest of standards and ethics. What does this mean for you? If a chiropractor doesn’t talk to you about your health history and your current condition, doesn’t give you an initial physical examination (checking posture, range of motion, etc.), doesn’t give you a diagnosis (cause of) regarding your condition, and won’t explain your treatment program it may not be the right Chiropractor or Chiropractic Clinic.

Tip #5. A Willingness to refer to the Chiropractor.

For Some Chiropractors or Chiropractic Clinics, they seem to treat conditions that are out of the realm of Chiropractic. This relates to Tip #2 and #4 because treating a smorgasbord of conditions does not imply and/or make a Chiropractor great or right; it implies lack of focus and knowledge. First off although chiropractic treatment with an underlying disease is fine (assuming no contraindications for treatment), chiropractors should not be treating you specifically for that disease or claiming they cure conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease or other illnesses. The right Chiropractor or Chiropractic Clinic will know to refer you and/or co-manage your condition with the right specialist. Lastly, the right Chiropractor will always practice within their scope of practice and not deter from it for the sake of a sale.

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Article Written By:

Marc Calaunan

Clinical Director At Healing Hands