Jack (Giacomo) Ghiretti D.C., MSC

Jack Ghiretti is passionate about chiropractic, with the vision of educating everyone about their health and wellness.

Focused on optimizing the human body functions through chiropractic adjustments to allow their bodies to heal and for the patients to live life to the fullest!

Jack Ghiretti Chiropractor
  • Master of chiropractic(Msc), Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (UK)
  • Upper Cervical Specific (Toggle Recoil)
  • Sacro-occipital technique (SOT)
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Neurological Interlink
  • Injury Recall Technique (IRT)
  • Total Body Modification (TBM)
  • Registered Chiropractor with the English General Chiropractic Council (GCC) and with the Italian Chiropractic Association (AIC)