How to self-manage low back pain at home

How to self-manage low back pain at home

In this article, we will share the top 10 way on How to self-manage low back pain at home. Almost everyone will experience low back pain at some stage of their lives, however, not everyone has time to visit for chiropractic care. Even though it’s ideal for people to find out the root of the problem and get well, there are some simple things you can do to manage your pain.

1. Use Ice or heat packs

  • For the first 48hours of pain, an ice pack can help to reduce pain and possible inflammations
    over your low back. After the 48hrs you can apply a heat pack to increase the circulation into
    the muscle tissues for faster healing.

2. Sleeping

  • Most human beings spend one-third of the day in bed sleeping. If the mattress is more
    than 10 years old and sagging, it is recommended to get a new one for a better sleep.

3. Change bad habits

  • Smoking and drinking alcohol are the risk factors for osteoporosis. When a person is
    osteoporotic they are at a higher risk of bone fracture and compression fracture of the

4. Keep yourself moving

  • Too much rest can worsen the back pain and weaken the muscles. Muscles diminish if we
    don’t use them. Keep yourself active up to a tolerant level of pain but do not aggravate it.

5. Core exercise

  • It is important to have strong core muscles to hold up the spine. Core exercises will not only
    strengthen muscles but also speed up the healing by increased blood flow.

6. Stretch

  • Stretching is a simple and effective way of getting you out of back pain. It helps our body to
    loosen up the muscles and increase the blood flow into the muscle tissues and deliver
    oxygen for a faster healing process.

7. Avoid activities that might harm your back

  • If you have back pain, avoid any activities that aggravate the pain especially bending or
    twisting. Keep yourself active only up to the tolerable level of pain.

8. Keep your posture correct

  • Always be mindful of your posture. Most of the population are having a sedentary lifestyle
    nowadays. Sitting long hours with hunched back and rolled shoulders can give a lot of
    pressure on our back, so keep yourself up straight.

9. Keep an eye on your weight

  • Being an overweight can put extra pressure on the spine. Having a healthy diet and exercise
    can help with losing weight and managing low back pain.

10. Have over the counter painkiller on your hands

  • Even though the painkillers are only for a temporary relief, for a sudden acute back pain,
    these pills can be helpful.

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Peter Lee

Doctor Of Chiropractic at Healing Hands Chiropractic