Sports Injury

Sports Injury

What is sports injury?

Most of the athletes whether they are a beginner or advanced athlete, will likely experience some form of injury from the training. 

A sports injury is any type of injury caused by the training which involves the musculoskeletal system including the muscles, joints, bones and cartilage.

Most common sports injuries include:

Common Causes?

  • Over-training
    • A sports injury can result from excessive fatigue and lack of time to recover. Short recovery time after high-intensity training is the most common cause of over-training.
  • Repetitive overuse
    • For most of the athletes, they tend to repeat the same motion over and over. From this repetitive movement, certain muscles or joints get overused and gradually become worse resulting in sports injury
  • Skipping warm up
    • It is very important that you get your body ready before you start any activities. Proper warm-up help to increase body temperature and circulation to the muscles. 20 minutes of stretching and light cardio exercises will improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Poor technique
    • When athletes perform repetitive motions with improper posture or technique, it gives great burden to the joints and muscles that are involved in that motion. Initially, it can start with minor discomfort but over time it can result in serious injury.


The most important an athlete should do is preventing himself from any sort of injuries.

To avoid any potential injury;

  • Make sure you have enough rest and recovery time before the next training.
  • Prepare your body with proper warm-up.
  • Improve on your posture and technique by having a coach or a professional to monitor.
  • Wear proper clothing and use the correct equipment for the related sport.

If an athlete has injured himself, apply RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) to prevent more serious injury.

The ice pack is effective for any acute injuries (up to 48 to 72hrs) to reduce swelling, inflammation, pain and blood flow to the injured area. 

After the acute phase is completed, the active inflammation should now be over.

Next, use a heat pack effective to increase blood flow to the lesion, relieve the tension and tightness of the muscles and tendon, increase mobility, improve healing process and pain relief.


How can a chiropractor help?

We chiropractors can help athletes, whether it be a beginner or competitive performer, to practice their sports at the optimal level by;

  • Aligning the spine and extremities (shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle) in the right manner
  • Advanced soft tissue techniques (Active release techniques, Graston etc.)
  • Core strengthening exercise
  • Taping

Chiropractic is an effective treatment which helps your body to work at its optimal level.

It is strongly recommended to give chiropractic care a try and restore your level of health for a better performance in your sport.

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Article Written By

Peter Lee Hyungjin

Doctor of Chiropractic

Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore


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