New Patient

First Time Consultation


1-on-1 Consultation + 1 Chiropractic adjustment ($185 Value)
Conditions Apply

    Consultation Process

    Chiropractor spinal scan for chiropractic treatment

    Posture Analysis & Spinal Screening

    Identifying postural imbalances to detect for any difference in weight between the right and the left sides of the body, alignment from our head all the way down to our hips.

    Spinal screening uses our advanced Tytron thermographic spinal scan to help measures the muscle temperature.

    The Tytron detects areas of asymmetry as well as indicate areas with greater temperature due to acute soft tissue damage.


    1-to-1 consultation with our Chiropractor with a detailed review of your systemic and case history. Our Chiropractors will investigate and educate on the necessary steps forward in reaching your health goals. 

    Chiropractic Adjustment

    Physical Assessment and Adjustment

    Our Chiropractors will perform a series of tests in order to determine your current body condition and an adjustment will be executed if deemed clinically safe to do so.

    Moving forward, X-rays may be prescribed so that we can accurately prescribe a relevant treatment care plan based on evidence-based findings.


    Journey to a stronger you: in the office

    Lynette initially started looking for solutions for her increasing neck, lower back and tailbone pain. She chanced upon Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore and decided to take action to address her health goals. 

    After going through treatment with us, Lynette has observed significant improvements in reduction in the pain scale and feels better in terms of her body and posture. Working in a tech firm, she is exposed to long sitting hours and appreciates the entire treatment that she has gone through with Healing Hands. 

    Take action now with Singapore's Highly rated and reviewed Chiropractic Clinics

      Frequently Asked Questions

      A Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore physician’s primary focus is the human spine. Additionally, we also focus on the physiological relationship between the joints, muscles, bones, and the body’s central nervous system. A Healing Hands chiropractor will adjust the joints using a high velocity and low amplitude force to restore any dysfunction (pain) and/ or restrictions that exist in joints of the spine and skeletal system. Holistically, Healing Hands also exercises a very strong background in nutritional assessment, ergonomics, exercise physiology and wellness health care.

      Healing Hands Chiropractors primarily uses a hands-on and holistic approach. We also utilize various other treatment modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, bodywork etc. to get our patients back to health. Chiropractic physicians typically earn a “D.C.” or a Doctor of Chiropractic from accredited institutions in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, South Africa and many more.

      Here at Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore, the Chiropractic adjustment should not be painful. However, in some instances when the patient is either acute or chronic the muscles and ligaments may prove to be guarded or sensitive to the touch, these are some exceptions. A “Crack” or “Pop” sound may occur as your spine gets manipulated.

      A thorough examination of your complaints and conditions can alleviate any concerns that you may have.

      As we operate out of our values of Integrity, Care for Patient and Attention to Detail, our chiropractors will prescribe an X-Ray depending on your current complaints and its severity. Typically, a 6 views X-ray is prescribed and it costs $215. Additional views may be prescribed based on patient’s pain points. We assure you that there is no obligation for you to take up the X-Ray but our Chiropractor, prior to prescribing, will specifically advise you on why it’s needed clinically. X-rays are used as there is only so much the naked eye can see and we want to holistically and accurately prescribe you a treatment care plan. Your safety is our utmost priority as we will be able to uncover any underlying issues. Pregnant patients and children under the age of 12 do not require X-rays for treatment. If you have recently taken X-rays, you may bring them along for the first consultation.

      It will all depend on the insurance plan which you have signed up for. We strongly advise you to check with your insurance providers before coming for the consultation so that you are able to focus primarily on the things that we will cover during the time we have together.  

      For Off- Peak Hours (Weekdays before 6pm) Our Initial Consultation and an Adjustment would be $60.

      For Peak Hours (Weekdays after 6pm and weekends) Our Initial Consultation and an Adjustment would be $120.

      Dr Marc Calaunan (Clinical Director) based in Adelphi’s consultation price + treatment is $250 regardless of timing.

      Our Initial Consultation includes: 

      – Thermographic Spinal Scan
      – Posture Analysis
      – Dr Consultation
      – Physical Examination
      – Adjustment (if clinically safe to do so)

      Our treatment cost beyond the Consultation is dependent on your condition, severity and any other underlying issues.

      In general, our treatment ranges from $85-$150 per session.

      Yes, we have both Male and Female Chiropractors at Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore.
      Our Female Chiropractors are stationed at Healing Hands Buona Vista (Rochester) and Healing Hands Ang Mo Kio.

      All our Chiropractors believe in personalised care supported by time-tested techniques enhanced with the most efficient time frame. All our Chiropractors embody our 3 core values; Care For Patient, Integrity and Attention to Detail.

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